Natural 100% beech smokes



Basic characteristics of offered products.

Tradismoke D MAX
It is highly concentratrated liquid smoke for spraying  with content of polysorbate.
The product has to be dried before and after spraying or dipping.
In case of dipping it is necessary to dilute it in water, ratio 1:1 - 1:4, the time of dipping 30sec. - 1 min
Can be also applied as flavour into spray, dossage 2g/kg of finished product.
To be used into meat products, mainly sausages.
Sausages in sythetic casing and for dipping.

Tradismoke XP7
It is the bestselling powder smoke.
The carrier is dextrose.
To be applied into premixes for meat products and itno cuter.

Tradismoke XP 11
Powder smoke for aromatisation of wide range of food products. Provides smoke flavour of beech wood.

And others with specific properties according to te customer´s needs.